I am a human-centered designer who uses research to uncover insights, and visual design to bring clarity to complex information. My background in design, strategy, and business allows me to communicate value and act as an integrator within teams. I believe that the best solutions come from teams with diverse perspectives.

I hold a BFA in Communication design from Washington University in St. Louis and a MA/MBA in Design Leadership from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. I have 7 years of experience in visual communications, design strategy & research, and user experience.


I am genuinely obsessed with all things food—especially how people engage with food products. There really is no limit to my interest in this area. I want to explore everything from how a person shops for food, how they feel in a restaurant, to how they can be empowered to reduce food waste. Also, I make cakes on the side :)

How I think & work

I am a designer at heart, so I believe that we always need to understand the problem we are solving, and the people we are solving it for. I use a human-centered design process to dive deep into these problems and love the 'messy phase' of the process (trying to make sense of research, develop insights, and brainstorm concepts).