R. House Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy, Food Experience Design
R. House is a food hall and Launchpad for culinary concepts in Baltimore, MD. For part of my graduate school summer, I worked as a Marketing & Design Strategy Intern. During this time I developed brand guidelines, digital / social media materials, and assisted with interior design decisions leading up to opening.

Client: Seawall Development - R. House
Primary Role: Social Media & Digital Marketing, Interior Design, Experience Design, Logo Design

Brand & Digital Marketing Strategy

To help R. House deliver a cohesive brand to both local and national customers, I developed a brand guidelines. These brand guidelines included 1) Primary and Secondary typeface suggestions for marketing materials and in house events 2) Additional color palettes 3) Usage Rules 4) Tone of voice to be used in all written materials and 5) Social media & email marketing guidelines

I studied the target market and previously conducted demand research for R. House and created a social media marketing plan to engage those consumers. This included visual brand guides for social media representation, tone, and content that varied slightly depending on the platform. Additionally, I created the design and content structure for the email blasts that were sent out with news and updates leading up to the grand opening

Email Marketing Template developed for Digital Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Template developed for Digital Marketing Strategy

Pop-Up Food Stall Logo Development

I worked to develop the façade design, logo and application process for the “pop-up” food stall by addressing pain points of the end users including future chefs and R. House staff. The logo for the Pop-Up stall needed to be clean and legible from the front door of R. House, as well as not interfere with the various styles of future restaurant concepts that would be renting the space.

Pop-up logo explorations

Pop-up logo explorations

Pop-up Stall Facade Design

The process of developing the façade and application process for the pop-up involved market research on other food halls across America, as well as other semi-pop up markets around the country. To better understand the needs of the chefs who would be using the popup space, I synthesized insights from past interviews with potential candidates and talked with the General Manager to evaluate the needs of the R. House staff.

Insights Gathered:
1. Chefs wanted creative freedom but not spend much of their budget on signage / logo
2. Pop-up chefs could be at different stages in their process, meaning that the development of their brand could vary from exploratory to fully realized.
3. Needed a system that was easy to change in a few hours / 1 day
4. Needed to have a simple design that did not stand out too much because at times it would not be occupied

These insights led me to prototype a façade system that allowed the new chefs to creatively represent their brand as well we reduce the transition time for R. House staff to prepare for a new pop up overnight.

Pop-up stall facade prototypes

Pop-up stall facade prototypes

Final facade and logo being installed