Marriott International

Design Strategy, Consulting
Marriott International approached MICA and Carey Business School to design a pricing strategy for the launch of Wi-Fi Simplified, a program geared towards simplifying the process for purchasing internet at events and conventions. With a team of classmates, I conducted ethnographic research to uncover insights related to WiFi event pricing structure and presented recommendations to C-Suite management.

Client: Marriott International
Team: Kate Iannelli, Priya Pappu, Emily Mintman
Primary Role: Ethnographic Research

Identify & Understand the Problem

Event planners need to purchase WiFi capabilities when they host an event or conference at a Marriott property. However, because WiFi is inherently more complicated for a large scale event, it was often difficult for Marriott event managers to explain the WiFi capabilities and package options to these event planners in a way that was clear and concise. The result: event planner choses a WiFi option that does not adequately suit their needs and the attendees of the conference suffer from bad internet connection.


We needed to gain a deeper understanding surrounding WiFi and bandwidth so we conducted much of our own research to understand the different technicalities relating to the topic. Next we conducted competitive & ethnographic research by interviewing with potential clients (company event planners) and managers at Marriott properties


We synthesized our insights to extract the pain points and motivations of the users, in this case corporate event planners. This information was used to brainstorm our final recommendations on how to improve event internet pricing and the communication aspects of Wifi Simplified. 

Prototypes & Recommendations

Based on our insights, we developed four solutions that focused on the concepts of transparency and clarity. These concepts were presented to a team of C-Suite individuals. 
1. Clarifying the difference between "free Starbucks internet" and the value of Marriott Wifi
2. Pricing Grid with a price mark up. Allows users (event planners) to pick their WiFi in 2 easy steps by following the steps on a chart
3. "The Griddle": A bundled pricing option that shifts internet pricing into bundles that include other amenities / services
4. Discount Rate System for returning customers

Overall Communications Strategy

While these were our 4 different solutions, we wanted to also present Marriott with an overall Communications Strategy ("Pricing the Invisible") to improve the process by establishing a common language and clearing up some often confusing aspects of Wifi.

Presentation Design by Emily Mintman

Presentation Design by Emily Mintman